Symmetry Gym in Dubai – Meet Member of the Month Tanya Rehman

Symmetry Gym in Dubai is pleased to recognize the fitness achievements of our newest Member of the Month, Tanya Rehman. Although Tanya is not new to Symmetry Gym, she recently completed a customized four-week challenge and is happy to talk about reaching her latest fitness goals. Tanya Shares Her Experience at Symmetry Gym in Dubai […]

Dubai Gym Owner & Fitness Expert Answers: Why Do Your Muscles Feel Sore After a Workout?

Our Dubai gym owner & fitness expert, Amir Siddiqui, knows that many people experience muscle soreness after exercising. It can happen from simply taking a walk or after a more strenuous exercise, like weight lifting. Some turn to stretching for help, but ultimately end up with the same result—sore muscles. Although muscle soreness after exercise […]

Dubai Fitness Trainer Helps Expectant Moms Prepare for Delivery – And Speedy Postpartum Recovery

Healthcare providers generally agree that prenatal exercise is a great way to have the healthiest, most comfortable pregnancy possible. Our knowledgeable Dubai fitness trainer at top-rated Symmetry Gym has over a decade of experience helping moms-to-be reap the benefits of customized weight training and exercise programs. Our fitness trainer also understands that the key to […]

Dubai Personal Trainer Amir Siddiqui Shares the Exercise of the Month: The (Not So) Lowly Push Up

Despite his arsenal of exercise recommendations, Dubai personal trainer Amir Siddiqui still regularly turns to push ups as a key way to be fit. Indeed, the basic push up is generally considered a fundamental part of any upper body workout. However, our Dubai trainer loves the push up for a reason slightly different than the […]

Dubai Gym Owner & Fitness Guru Shares Tips for Keeping Fit with an Ankle Injury

When you make the decision to join our Dubai gym, you’re not only committing to getting in better physical shape, but also taking the first step toward an overall healthier life. Our fitness expert, Amir Siddiqui, believes a healthier life starts with a solid plan. Symmetry Gym offers customized plans that combine diet and exercise […]

Favorite Top Rated Fitness Trainers & Gym In Dubai UAE
Best gym ever! My training is personalized to fit me and my goals. The trainers are professional, knowledgeable, and focused on you and your goals. There is a vibe that Symmetry Gym has that makes you feel like you belong there. *- Meilani dubai uae gym*Results May Vary For Each Individual
I’ve been at symmetry for 6 months and I’ve seen results that I have never seen before! They hold the bar higher for you at every session (no cutting you slack jack!)and you end up further ahead every time whether you expect to or not.*- Shabari dubai uae gym*Results May Vary For Each Individual
A boot camp that feels like a home. I've had some of the best workout results of my life at this place. The flexibility of scheduling and variety of membership packages make signing up here a no-brainer. Oh, and the coaches are awesome!*- Fahad Abest dubai uae gym*Results May Vary For Each Individual
Signing up with Symmetry Gym was one of the best things I have ever done! This place is a hidden gem that I am so lucky to have discovered. Andrej my trainer has helped me to achieve my goals so far and I look forward to our challenging yet fun sessions.*- Meera dubai uae gym*Results May Vary For Each Individual
Love this gym! You know I love you guys! This review is a long time coming. After forty sessions I’m leaner, heavier, and my posture is a million times better. Many workouts fly by once you hit the zone something that rarely happens for me without a trainer.*- Elias dubai uae gym*Results May Vary For Each Individual
*The reviews listed are from actual patients of Symmetry Gym Dubai. Individual results may vary. Reviews are not claimed to represent results for everyone.
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Symmetry Gym Dubai is the most experienced personal training gym in Dubai founded by Amir Siddiqui, our 5-star-rated fitness trainer in Dubai. Our Dubai fitness trainers offer an unmatched level of expertise in fitness and nutrition, including personal training, weight loss, bodybuilding, injury rehabilitation, pregnancy-safe workouts and post pregnancy workouts.

Our elite clientele undergo rigorous, customised workout and nutrition regimens that are guaranteed to transform your body. To learn more, call Symmetry Gym of Dubai today.