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Serious Fitness Goals Produce Serious Results At Symmetry Gym Dubai

As the most experienced personal training gyms in Dubai, Symmetry Gym can help you reach your personal fitness goals. Below are the Symmetry Gym membership options and personal training packages, with pricing.

Symmetry Gym Membership Tier #1 – Guru

symmetry gym membership options and packages

Amir Siddiqui

12-month package: 12,000 AED per month (paid monthly via direct debit)

Our premium Guru package offers you the opportunity to train one-on-one with the founder of Symmetry Gym, Amir Siddiqui.

This package is designed for clients who want distinctive personal training in Dubai. In addition, clients get the total confidence they’re working with the most exclusive personal trainer in Dubai.

Amir has the privilege of being one of only 6 people in the entire fitness industry to be mentored by respected fitness expert Scott Abel. Furthermore, Amir has spent the last 15 years scouring through hundreds of books, journals, articles, and research – while also mentoring the very best in the business. As a result, Amir has developed an unmatched level of expertise in fitness and nutrition that he now strives to pass on to his clients. If you expect nothing but the best from your fitness experience, then you have found it with Amir Siddiqui’s Guru fitness training sessions.

Clients who opt for this Symmetry Gym membership package also qualify for our Gold Card. This Gold Card features discounts on health food, gold card merchandise, and priority time slots.

Symmetry Gym Membership Tier #2 – Master

Coach Ghazi

12-month package: 1:1 8900 AED (paid monthly via direct debit)

Alternative semi-private package: Work 2-on-1 with our senior coach for half the price of our 1-on-1 Master packages. Furthermore, this package gives you personalised attention combined with the energy of a teamwork atmosphere.

12-month package: 2:1 4800 AED (paid monthly via direct debit)

Our Master training package offers you the opportunity to train with our senior coaches. This allows you to benefit from their significant expertise and experience training all kinds of clients.

This package is designed for clients who want one-on-one training with an elite, knowledgeable fitness trainer in Dubai. Symmetry Gym’s senior fitness coaches are hand-picked by Amir Siddiqui. They are hand-picked for their advanced education and expertise on human physiology, nutritional health, injury rehabilitation, and physical training.

This Master training package is ideal for clients who are seeking specialised focus on injury rehabilitation and clients with limited former training experience. In addition, this is great for clients who want their personal trainers to have years of significant training and fitness experience.

  • Head Coach Ghazi has been working in the industry for over 10 years – coaching with Amir at his original gym in Pakistan – and he has been an employee and advocate of Symmetry Gym Dubai ever since it was established.  Furthermore, Ghazi has one of the strongest track records in the industry. In addition, he is currently one of the most sought-after fitness coaches in Dubai.

Symmetry Gym Membership Tier #3 – Apprentice

12-month package: 12 month 2:1 3900 AED (paid monthly via direct debit)

Our apprentice package offers a strong foundation for training the Symmetry way with one of our fully qualified junior coaches.

Symmetry Gym’s junior coaches are hand-picked by Amir Siddiqui for their expertise and their passion for fitness training.

The apprentice package is designed for clients of all athletic abilities who are interested in serious sculpting, advanced programming, and superb results. In addition, it is ideal for individuals who are driven, focused, and committed to their physique goals.

    • trainerSymmetry’s Andrej hails from Novi Sad, Serbia. He holds a certificate as an Advanced Body Building & Fitness Training Specialist from the International Federation of Body Building. He got into personal training for the passion and love of fitness, believing that it can enhance and improve many aspects of your life beyond merely physique. Before coming to Symmetry Gym, he worked in Abu Dhabi as a personal trainer at Fitness Plus Gym, where he designed training programs and diets for his clients. Andrej is best known for his high level of empathy and understanding with his clients, training a plethora of clients with varying physical needs. His work ethic and attention to detail is exemplary; he is committed to your long-term success. He conditions his clients to work smarter AND harder every session so that they acheive peak performance. This approach, combined with Amir’s Fission – Fusion System, guarantees his clients to get RESULTS as quickly as possible. Although Andrej is practically always at the gym and dedicated to honing his craft…in his spare time he can often be found sampling the delights of the Cheesecake factory or cradling a packet of chocolate covered rice cakes.
    • nicardoNicardo is originally from Durban, South Africa. He has been in the fitness industry for 6 years, starting at BodyGuru in SA and most recently working at Fitness First in Ibn Battuta. He holds a Fitness Trainer certificate from the International Sports Science Association and is a full member of the Register of Exercise Professionals. He continues to take courses to further his professional development, most recently getting a certificate as a Strength Conditioning and Therapy Coach. He started off in the accounting field and switched to fitness as he loves to workout and help people achieve their results. He speaks English, Afrikaans, and Zulu, and is working on learning several other languages. He particularly enjoys the dumbbell chest press, and, for some inexplicable reason, squats. He loves to make his clients smile and is going to do what it takes to help you achieve your results.
    • nemanjaNemanja, better known around the gym as Nemo, hails from Belgrade, Serbia. He holds Weight Training Prescription Specialist Level I and II certifications from the International Federation of Body Building. Prior to Symmetry, he worked at the Professional Fitness Centar, Batajnica (Professional Fitness-Gym & Friends). He approaches each training session with lots of energy and enthusiasm, often delivered at a high volume, which is a reflection of his genuine love of all things gym related. His favorite workout move is the bench press…though when he is not working out it is not uncommon to see him do walking handstands. He also loves music and has been known on occasions to have dance offs with his clients’ post-session. His coaching strategy is best summarized as: push, push, push!! He enjoys seeing people grow to achieve their goals and as a result…he will certainly not let you give up.”Nemo is the new Ghazi” – Amir, 2017.

Every Symmetry Gym Membership Includes…

Every Symmetry Gym membership tier offers elite 60-minute training sessions with the Fission Fusion System designed by Symmetry Gym founder Amir Siddiqui. All three tiers also include Symmetry Transformation Assessment. We perform a complete physical and psychological profile to develop a program specifically tailored around you.

Customised Nutrition Plan

We provide you with a recommended nutrition plan that matches your unique physical and lifestyle needs. As a result, your body will keep improving both in and out of our Dubai gym.

Tailor-Made Workout Regimen

No two clients undergo the same workout schedule at Symmetry Gym. Your coach will be by your side throughout 12 sessions every month. Furthermore, they will monitor your progress and adjust your personal program to maximize your results.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We are so confident you’ll love your results that we offer a complete 30-day money-back guarantee to anyone who signs up for a 12-month membership. If you don’t feel 100% satisfied with your progress during the first 30 days, we will give you a full refund. To learn the full terms of our 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee, call us at 04.346.6479 or click here to schedule your initial Symmetry Transformation Assessment.

Symmetry Gym membership options are available in 12-month packages. Furthermore, all packages have an additional, one-time program design fee of 1,500 AED. Your program design fee covers the following continuous services for the entire length of your relationship with Symmetry Gym:

  • Ongoing Nutrition Planning & Support
  • An Updated Program Design Every 12 Weeks
  • Your Workout Plan For Travel or Vacations

*All Symmetry Gym membership options must be paid for with a bank or credit account in the member’s name.

To schedule your own individualised transformation assessment with Amir Siddiqui or one of his hand-picked, expert fitness trainers in Dubai, call 04.346.6479 or click here. Your path to a stronger, healthier you begins now!

Before & After Transformation at Symmetry Gym

Before & After Transformation at Symmetry Gym

Symmetry Gym offers guidance for physical strength, stamina, nutrition planning and fitness training. Our gym in Dubai welcomes new clients from Al Khawaneej, Jumeirah, Downtown Dubai, Mirdif, Emirates Hills, Palm Jumeira, Jumeira Beach Road (JBR), Arabian Ranches, Al Barsha and Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) and more!

Favorite Top Rated Fitness Trainers & Gym In Dubai UAE
Best gym ever! My training is personalized to fit me and my goals. The trainers are professional, knowledgeable, and focused on you and your goals. There is a vibe that Symmetry Gym has that makes you feel like you belong there. *- Meilani dubai uae gym*Results May Vary For Each Individual
I’ve been at symmetry for 6 months and I’ve seen results that I have never seen before! They hold the bar higher for you at every session (no cutting you slack jack!)and you end up further ahead every time whether you expect to or not.*- Shabari dubai uae gym*Results May Vary For Each Individual
A boot camp that feels like a home. I've had some of the best workout results of my life at this place. The flexibility of scheduling and variety of membership packages make signing up here a no-brainer. Oh, and the coaches are awesome!*- Fahad Abest dubai uae gym*Results May Vary For Each Individual
Signing up with Symmetry Gym was one of the best things I have ever done! This place is a hidden gem that I am so lucky to have discovered. Andrej my trainer has helped me to achieve my goals so far and I look forward to our challenging yet fun sessions.*- Meera dubai uae gym*Results May Vary For Each Individual
Love this gym! You know I love you guys! This review is a long time coming. After forty sessions I’m leaner, heavier, and my posture is a million times better. Many workouts fly by once you hit the zone something that rarely happens for me without a trainer.*- Elias dubai uae gym*Results May Vary For Each Individual
*The reviews listed are from actual patients of Symmetry Gym Dubai. Individual results may vary. Reviews are not claimed to represent results for everyone.
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Symmetry Gym Dubai is the most experienced personal training gym in Dubai founded by Amir Siddiqui, our 5-star-rated fitness trainer in Dubai. Our Dubai fitness trainers offer an unmatched level of expertise in fitness and nutrition, including personal training, weight loss, bodybuilding, injury rehabilitation, pregnancy-safe workouts and post pregnancy workouts.

Our elite clientele undergo rigorous, customised workout and nutrition regimens that are guaranteed to transform your body. To learn more, call Symmetry Gym of Dubai today.