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 Call to Book - 04 346 6479

Personal Training

Symmetry Gym recruits only the most knowledgeable and passionate fitness trainers to ensure your experience will be unlike any other in Dubai. We are an exclusive members-only fitness club offering the most sophisticated personal fitness system available. Our clients are among the most discerning and motivated individuals and require a very different experience than a “big box” chain gym. Our Fission Fusion Training System is holistic and specifically tailored to meet the needs and goals of each client. Our process takes into consideration the physical, emotional and psychological barriers to success and creates a path to help you achieve the results you want.

You deserve the best

Every Symmetry Gym trainer is extensively screened for expertise and passion to ensure you are working with committed professionals. During your assessment, you are specifically matched with the trainer best suited for your profile to create a motivating partnership. Each trainer is 100% committed to your success, constantly monitoring your progress and adjusting your program to maximize your results. Our expert staff is here to support you and are available for fitness consulting day and night. We are your ultimate fitness partners, and we’re with you every step of the way ensuring you achieve your goals.

When I first walked into Symmetry Gym almost a year ago, I was extremely unhappy with my weight and overall....

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Lindsey M. Taylor

Fission Fusion Training

The Fission Fusion Training System is the result of 15 years of scientific research, study and results-based training by Amir Siddiqui. It is a comprehensive, integrative and holistic training system developed to ensure each trainee receives the right doses of physical "stress", at the right time and for the right amount of time to achieve results. During your assessment, we take information about your physical history, psychological profile, current physical status, nutrition profile, coach compatibility and personal goals. Using each of these data points, we design a program specially tailored around you. We develop a training schedule, nutrition plan and pair you with the correct coach to ensure your success. We then constantly monitor your progress―every workout, every exercise―adjusting your personal program to maximize your results. This level of precision and personal attention only exists in one place―Symmetry Gym.

A truly unique training studio. This is far different than any other studio in Dubai, and nothing like a big box gym...

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Caryn Dwelle

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Symmetry Gym Promise

Symmetry Gym has a 30-day money back guarantee, which means you can test us risk-free. If you're unhappy with the progress made during this period, we'll give you your money back. If you're dissatisfied with your progress for any reason, we'll happily give you a refund. Apply for a free training session or give us a call today to find your personal trainer and start building a long-term relationship with us.

I’d shed the bonus padding around my waist and FELT GREAT. You don’t realize how much energy you’ve lost until you’ve got it...

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Jeremy Horne

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