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Why Symmetry Gym?

Symmetry Gym Hires Only the Most Experienced and Knowledgeable Fitness Trainers and Delivers Weight Loss, Body Reshaping and Increases in Overall Strength and Health… or Your Money Back!

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Membership Includes

  • Fitness Consultation and Comprehensive Physical Assessment
  • 3 to 4 Weekly Fitness Coaching Sessions―An Individualized Program (changes every 8-12 weeks)
  • Individualized Nutrition Planning
  • On-Going Coaching with Our World-Class Team
  • Periodic Measurements and Body-Fat Testing
  • Unlimited Use of the Gym

Are you ready to win the battle with your body? Is it time to take your fitness seriously and change your life? Symmetry Gym is your solution. We are a no nonsense, dig deep and push yourself comprehensive fitness experience.

We’ve spent 15 years studying fitness training so you don’t have to. Our programs are specifically designed and tailored around you, removing all the guesswork and deliverying results. Your personal Symmetry Gym coach is your partner in success from the beginning. No, this isn’t someone who checks on you from time to time, we are monitoring you and constantly adjusting your plan to maximize your results. This is the definition of personal training.


Your membership with Symmetry is a commitment. We are not a big chain gym, you don’t come to Symmetry to get a casual workout; you come here to get real, measurable, life-changing results. Our fitness and nutrition plans are designed and tailored to you; no two plans are the same. Your exercise and injury history, psychological profile, diet experience, food habits, coachability and goal assessment are all taken into consideration when designing your personal program. Your workout schedules are planned specifically to help you achieve your goals and we monitor your progress every at stage to ensure you’re getting the results you want.


We’ve developed a systemized philosophy to personal training – Fission Fusion.

Fission Fusion Training is a holistic approach to fitness, by using a complete in depth client profile, including psychological and physiological indicators, we produce training programs to achieve the safe and lasting results in the shortest time possible. Our coaches provide the monitoring, accountability, structure and motivation to keep you on track. Your Coach is your fitness partner from day one―you are never on your own. You never have to wonder what to do next and you will see the results you want―or we’ll refund your money.


Program design is an art and like any other discipline it takes unique skill combined with years of experience to master. Most trainers are good coaches, but very few are great program designers. At Symmetry Gym, you get the best of both worlds. Amir Siddiqui has spent the last 15 years developing the Fission Fusion Training System and is considered one of the premiere fitness experts in the world. He personally designs each program ensuring consistency and quality throughout the life of your membership.

Our coaching team is extensively screened for experience, knowledge and passion so you can be sure you’re working with a first-rate trainer. Our system requires our fitness trainers to not only be knowledgeable, but committed to your success. We want each of our clients to connect with their trainer in a way that inspires them and holds them accountable to achieving results.

Introducing Fission Fusion Training
One of the most sophisticated personal fitness systems in the world!

The Fission Fusion Training System is the result of 15 years of scientific research, study and results based training. This is the system that ensures that you, as the trainee, are investing in a well thought out, systematic and results-oriented training process, not just any personal training program. It's the system that provides the rigor you need to get the results you want!

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Successful Client Stories

Umar Sherbaz

When I started training in Amir’s gym, I weighed 92 kgs and my waist was 42 inches. My body fat percentage was off the charts. At the time of the after picture, I had dropped to 75kgs with a 32inch waist and 13% body fat.*

Caryn Dwelle

A truly unique training studio. This is far different than any other studio in Dubai, and nothing like a big box gym. A friend invited me to an open house. I came into it skeptical and wondered what all the buzz was about. and after...*

Jeremy Horne

At 38 and 6 months away from his wedding, Jeremy was fed up with conventional gyms and demotivated by his training and his lackluster results. He knew it was time to get a little extra help from a fitness coach.*

Babak Rashnavadi

Since 2006, I tried different gyms and diets such as Atkins (that resulted in me having a higher uric acid levels and a mild Gout condition) but without a direction or a plan I achieved nothing.*

Kamal Kalwani

I adopted the healthy lifestyle in 1998 tried every thing spin group classes bikram yoga personal training either I got bored or led to injury and the later through yoga. I joined symmetry gym dubai 18 months ago started as a yogi*

Raja Mudassar

Work with Amir as my coach at a distance – he designs all of my programs under his Symmetry Gym Fission Fusion Training System. When I started on Amir’s training program, I was around 96kgs.*

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